What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Within the last few years, the curvaceous figures of many celebrities has been featured more and more in many outposts. Whereas, several years ago, full breasts and attractive cleavage were the goal of women everywhere, an attractive and shapely butt is now a plastic surgery hot topic. Prominent female celebrities are now showing off their feminine curves with fashions that highlight the derriere.

One plastic surgery procedure that has proven results in slimming back and abdomen, while plumping and reshaping the butt, is the Brazilian butt lift procedure. This particular procedure is a type of buttock augmentation that results in a more youthful, firm and shapely buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift procedure is designed to increase the size of the buttocks while reducing other problem areas of the body. Most patients who are good candidates for the Brazilian butt lift also find the removal of the donated fat cells beneficial to their appearance by giving them a smaller waist-line and more of the sexy hour-glass figure. Because the Brazilian butt lift procedure uses fat cells grafted from other body areas and relocated to the butt, women with little to no body fat would not benefit from this procedure.

Who is a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift?

Candidates for a Brazilian butt lift include women who are not proportionately shaped, women who are looking for more of the popular and attractive hour-glass figure and women who have a small behind with too much fat in their lower back and waist. Patients should do extensive research when seeking a plastic surgeon to perform their Brazilian butt lift surgery. Experience is important and patients will want to verify with their doctor how many times they have performed a Brazilian butt lift and ask for before and after photos of other patients. Patients should fully investigate their surgeon of choice to ensure they have the correct training and certification to perform the Brazilian butt lift. Less trained surgeons may not fully refine the removed body fat before injecting it into the buttocks area, which can cause the grafted fat cells to be re-absorbed into the body. This re-absorption makes the results of the Brazilian butt lift procedure temporary rather than permanent.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure not only provides a healthier and shapelier figure, it also reduces the chance of rejection of implants. The alternative procedure, buttock implant augmentation, uses silicone implants to enhance the patient's figure. The Brazilian butt lift procedure is much preferred by plastic surgeons for a more natural look without the scarring and the "fake" look associated with implant surgery. However, for women who do not have sufficient body fat, implant surgery is usually the only option.

What is the cost of a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift costs generally run between $9,000 and $15,000. The exact Brazilian butt lift costs will depend on the individual and the surgeon. When consulting with a physician the initial total cost of Brazilian butt lift may seem high, however, experience will cost more. Experience and training should be the ultimate consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Criteria to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon

There may be websites and doctors that advertise cheap Brazilian butt lift procedures. Patients should beware of these doctors and services as only trained plastic surgeons will be able to perform the Brazilian butt lift procedure safely and with minimal risks. There are specific techniques that are required for the liposuction portion of the procedure in order to graft only the ideal fat cells into the buttocks. Traditional liposuction equipments operate at a significantly higher pressure and can damage the fat cells, making them unusable for fat grafting.

What type of anesthesia is used for a Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a time consuming procedure that requires extensive liposuction. The procedure is typically done while the patient is completely sedated under general anesthesia.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift take?

Most surgeons will be able to complete a Brazilian butt lift within approximately three hours.

How is a Brazilian butt lift performed?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is also known as buttock lipo-augmentation. It begins by placing the patient under general anesthesia and making small incisions in the areas of the body that will be liposuctioned. These areas are usually in the upper inner thigh, love-handles, abdomen, and lower back as these areas usually have the most excess fatty cells. In micro-grafting, which is the most effective Brazilian butt lift surgery, small fat cells are suctioned out of the donor area using small tubes called cannulas. The fat cells are then purified prior to inserting them into the buttocks. The micro-grafting technique injects the donated fat cells in tiny droplets between the hundreds of muscle fibers and fat cells in the butt. The size of the cells allows the most blood flow to feed the newly deposited fat cells and allows them to permanently adhere to the surrounding tissue. It is very important for the donated fat cells to be purified and evenly distributed in small droplets throughout the area to be sculpted. If the grouping of deposited cells is too large, blood flow cannot reach all of the deposit and the fat may be reabsorbed into the body. This possible absorption of the deposited fat cells can make the Brazilian butt lift procedure ineffective or temporary in the less-trained hands. Ensuring live, active blood flow to the donated cells is one of the most important processes of the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

What results can be expected following a Brazilian butt lift?

The final Brazilian butt lift results are not fully noticeable until 6 to 12 weeks after the procedure is performed. The overall Brazilian butt lift results differ for each patient, as each patient will have a different amount of fat in other body parts to donate. It is important to review with Dr. Agha what your exact goal is and what results you desire. Provided that you are fully informed of the risks, recovery period and the expected results, the Brazilian butt lift procedure is the ideal path to a firmer, rounder and sexier backside.

Ultimately, the Brazilian butt lift results in a reshaped butt and gives women more of an hour-glass figure. One important note for those who are looking to reshape themselves with the Brazilian butt lift procedure is that a healthy weight should be maintained after the procedure to keep up the appearance of the buttocks.

What is the usual recovery after a Brazilian butt lift?

The general Brazilian butt lift recovery period is anywhere from a few weeks to 6 weeks. The Brazilian butt lift recovery period will depend on the technique used, the extent of the procedure and the patient's overall general health. It is important to follow all of Dr. Agha's after care instructions regarding the recovery period and to take all prescribed medication to reduce swelling and the risk of infection from the procedure. Patients should follow the instructions carefully and fully in order to minimize risks that can be associated with the Brazilian butt lift.

All patients will be required to wear compression garments to minimize swelling after the Brazilian butt lift. Patients will be instructed to rest on their stomach for approximately one week after having the Brazilian butt lift. Depending on the extent of the surgery, most Brazilian butt lift patients may return to sitting after one week. Full recovery from the surgery generally requires an additional three to four weeks of light duty.

What are the potential risks associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery?

As with any surgery there can be risks associated with the Brazilian butt lift procedure including scarring, hematoma, fluid accumulation, skin irregularities, asymmetry, infection, fatty cysts, and fat absorption requiring further procedures. Another complication that may rarely occur is an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Fat grafting techniques, such as those used with Brazilian butt lift procedures, are not new to the plastic surgery field. However, the specific techniques used to ensure proper concentration and distribution of the donor fat cells are relatively new. The injection of the donated fat cells must be done symmetrically, utilizing the same volume. If the donor fat cells are not deposited evenly on both sides, revision surgery may need to be performed. Another potential risk of the Brazilian butt lift is a hardening of the deposited donor fat cells. This calcification of the fat cells can cause a lumpy feeling and appearance to the buttocks.

In general, when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift risks are minimal and the procedure is safe. Patients seeking to have the Brazilian butt lift procedure should thoroughly research the process, results, risks and their chosen surgeon.


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